About Bloxmis

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

The modern world is wrapped in a complex web of human railways.
We can travel by train and by car. We can cross the oceans and airspace.
We can send our products and resources across the globe, to remote destinations.
But the world is crowded and its trailways are tangled. Are we able to control our supply chains in the most efficient way?

Luckily, bloxmis can!

Our Approach

We’re the specialists and co-creators of this supply chain software, and we have a clear purpose. We want to make it more powerful for you. And we thought: let’s move into the cloud!

Because the sky isn’t a limit for us. And neither for our clients.

Our Values

Client Focus

Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success, too. Let us meet your needs and expectations.


We know that lasting collaboration requires us to gain the trust of our customers. We can't get it without hard work and honesty.


Our team consists of specialists from different fields: from marketing to programming and management. We're prepared for any circumstances.

Get to know OpenBoxes

OpenBoxes is an open-source system developed by supply chain professionals that helps to manage and track supply delivery. With minimal hardware requirements, flexible implementation options, an intuitive user interface, and user-friendly workflows, the software provides immediate results for organizations.


Features of OpenBoxes

Inventory Management

Manage inventory at multiple levels: bin location, product, serial number, and expiration date.

Electronic Stock card

Store metadata about each item, and create custom attributes if needed.

Stock Movements

Manage stock movements from supplier to consumption location.

Inventory Tracking

Manage inventory quantity by tracking expiration date, identifying expiring stock, and accessing information about shipments.


All of the important information can be found on the intuitive dashboard. It will inform users about stock movements, inventory summaries, expiration summaries, etc.

Flexible Location hierarchy

Manage stock within multiple facilities, thousands of bin locations, receiving and staging area, supply closets, etc.


Manage your warehouse with detailed reports about consumption, stockout, expiration, transaction, and stock analytics.


Avoid unwanted actions by assigning permission levels by role.

Language support

The software supports not only English, Spanish, and French, but can be also translated into any other language.

Email Notifications

Configure email notifications for users to keep them updated about new shipments, product creation, or stock alerts.

Custom attributes

Custom attributes for proper handling of particular items.

Stock List management

Organize items by the formulary and assign them to stock lists.